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About C Breeze Jewellery

Born and bred in Hokitika on the West Coast of the South
Island of New Zealand, I was introduced to stone carving in
a small studio. I learned about patience, and the underlying
meaning of the different varieties of pounamu/jade, with all
of its cultural significance. I learned to use carving
tools, thought of carving as another form of drawing, and
fell in love with these natural materials and their
ever-changing colours unique to their origins.

In 2007 I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otago
Polytechnic School of Art in Dunedin, where I spent the
first three years of my degree studying jewellery and
textiles, and the blend continues to exert a strong
influence on my work. In my final year I majored in
jewellery and metal-smithing, and chose to explore the
hunting subculture. I love the idea of making and designing
jewellery for people not typically associated with the body
adornment/fashion scene and one of my first exhibitions was
in an outdoor sports store in Dunedin. It was a really fun
way to explore my creative side and get feedback from people
who inspired the collection. I combined materials that reminded me of
their pastimes; bullet shells and antlers along with stone
from the areas in which they hunt. Although bullet shells
can be perceived as aggressive, I chose to ground them in
this subculture, as the environment in which I live is a
hunting culture and it is a way of life for many...and the
idea of recycling appeals!

The relationship of hunting to high fashion is a fascinating
concept, and it gives added depth to my pieces - a
counterpoint of ruggedness and urbanity, the polar

My jewellery is not out of place in the bush, or in high
society sipping cocktails in Milan or Paris or New York. I
create portable objects that express the wearer's identity
with freedom of speech.

Each piece is hand-crafted and unique. They create
conversation, and each one enables the wearer and watcher
alike to interpret their own meaning.