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Identify Your Target Jewels, Bush Bling Earrings

  • $150.00

Research into the use of firearms and ways to stay protected in the outdoor environments fuelled me to extract Blaze orange camouflage from the hunting subculture. The cross section over the fabric elevates the need to identify your target beyond all doubt. The high contarst of this fabric raised questions for me as to why hunters would wear Blaze Orange simultaneously with traditional forest colours that blend into the environment; the conflict of emerging and merging is an eye grabbing oddity. A questioning of fashion and practicality inspires my work's core.

A breaking down of aggressive material; the brass and nickel silver bullets blend and soften, becoming a symbol of desire and raw beauty; much like the New Zealand environment. Hints of deer antler reflect the hunting reality turned feminine; do these objects now become a trophy for women?

Here my audience becomes the hunter; the jewellery- the prey...


(Care instructions for jewellery)

Store you're jewellery in a safe place where it will not come in contact with a surface that could scratch or damage you're piece. Avoid wearing while partcipating in activities that may harm or damage you're jewellery. For best results use a jewellery polishing cloth on silver areas to avoid tarnishing.



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