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Licorice Allsort Pendants

  • $295.00

These pendants are all individually hand made from various stone making each piece unique.

Here I hope each piece will engage conversation and invite the audience to touch and interpret their own meaning, giving people a lift without the sugar long after engaging with them. The use of various NZ pounamu stacked together speak of materials and identity the layers in which bind our country. 

Licorice Allsorts resonate in some way or another with most kiwi families- memories of diving in before your siblings to get to your favourite flavour first or a distraction tool on that never ending family road trip. 

In an ever increasing busy world the small things in life are often over looked, here these wearable objects act as gentle reminders to remember to smile and laugh -become captivated for a while just like a child would outside the local dairy.

Approximate Allsort dimensions ( pieces may slightly vary 25x20mm )

Grey stone  Argillite from D'Urville island NZ

Various Pounamu varieties from West Coast South Island NZ

Black Stone Australia 


 (Care instructions for jewellery)

Store you're jewellery in a safe place where it will not come in contact with a surface that could scratch or damage you're piece. Avoid wearing while partcipating in activities that may harm or damage you're jewellery. For best results use a jewellery polishing cloth on silver areas to avoid tarnishing.


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